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Create beauty & ambience
Awnings are an attractive addition to any building by enhancing the architecture, adding beauty to the structure and increasing your curb appeal. Your choice of awning style can accentuate special features of your home or business and the choice of colour can add punch to an otherwise drab exterior. By choosing an elegant, classy or fun look to match your business, awnings can enhance your brand and identity. Awnings provide the finished look.
Significantly improve energy efficiency
The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHACE) confirm that fabric awnings reduce heat gain by 55% to 77% by blocking direct sunlight before it enters the building. 

A Study conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research, University of Minnesota on residential awnings and their impact on energy found a cooling energy saving of more than 25%.
Provide temperature control
Homes and businesses with awnings experience a more regulated, even, indoor temperature throughout the day by eliminating the direct sunlight and providing a more consistent amount of light throughout the day. Awnings can help reduce room temperature by as much as 15o.
Windows transmit heat in 3 ways: Direct sunlight, indirect sunlight, and radiant heat.

1 Direct Sunlight - hits your windows and raises interior temperatures by creating hot spots. Awnings reflect direct sunlight before it enters through the window thereby cooling your home.
2 Indirect Sunlight - is reflected from the ground and other surfaces through your windows and again raises the inside temperature. Awnings reflect most of this indirect sunlight.
3 Radiant Heat - is created when window glass heats up quickly and rises inside temperatures. Awnings, when positioned correctly, prevent sunlight from hitting the glass surface and thereby eliminating radiant heat.

With recent increases in the cost of hydro and natural gas prices, it is important to note that air conditioning costs can be reduced by up to 25% with the addition of awnings and sometimes the size of the air-conditioning unit required to cool your space can also be reduced.
Protect furnishings from sun damage
Awnings protect indoor furniture, carpeting, hardwood flooring, wallpaper and other furnishings from fading by cutting down the amount of direct sunlight.

Outside, canopies also protect outdoor furniture from fading and exterior surfaces, doors or commercial displays from sun damage.
Provide UV protection

With recent information and concerns about the earth's ozone layer, UV protection has become a consideration for everyone. Realizing that most damage occurs as a result of incidental exposure during day to day activities, rather than at the beach, we are all becoming more aware of our sun exposure.

Canopies filter up to 98 % of the sun's harmful rays allowing home owners to comfortably let their children play in the fresh air and spend quality time with family and friends in the outdoors on their own property without the worry of dangerous sun exposure.

Patrons who enjoy the patio experience may make their dining choice based on the restaurant or coffee shop that allows them to enjoy the outdoors while still being protected from the dangers of sun exposure. A canopy offers the perfect solution for your outdoor service.

Environmentally responsible choice
Awnings offer a lot more than a unique look to your home or commercial property. Awnings can provide significant savings on cooling costs and on peak electrical demand by reducing solar gain through home windows.

Awnings are an environmentally responsible choice for families and businesses committed to doing their part for our planet by reducing their carbon footprint.



Provide attention drawing signage
An awning not only adds style and draws attention to your business but, by applying graphics, can provide signage and advertisement for your business without the need for add-on sign structures. This increased street visibility will most certainly catch the customer's eye.

Awnings can be a significantly less expensive alternative to traditional signage. And, awnings and can be illuminated with lighting systems drawing further attention to your business at night.
Create an image for your business
Many architects, developers and business owners are incorporating awnings into their designs to brand, create an image, convey a message about the business, or to catch the eye of their target customer.

Some incorporate an elegant stylish look to the exterior of their businesses. Others may choose a bold, creative and fun design. Awnings are a cost effective way to create just the right image for your business.

For the existing building, commercial property or restaurant, awnings provide an opportunity to strengthen your business identity.
Provide cost effective advertising
Signage and advertising is very expensive. Awnings offer the business owner a cost effective way to show off their business and attract their target customer.
Expand your living space
Canopies are a beautiful and practical way to increase the space of your home or business. They are the perfect solution for you to make your property more attractive and more useful.

Adding a canopy to your home, restaurant, pub or coffee shop creates extra usable space without the need for planning, legal permits or disruptive construction required for an addition. An awning will also increase your outdoor living area comfortably and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of a permanent addition and have no impact on your property taxes.

Homeowners will enjoy the feeling of the additional room where they can enjoy family activities or entertain friends in an outdoor environment, even in inclement weather.

For the owner of a restaurant, pub, or coffee shop, a canopy can provide a significant draw for the property, offering a patio or open air experience with protection from the elements. An awning may also be the solution to current by-laws for the outdoor space for smoking clients that visit your restaurant, bar or place of business.
Provide privacy
Depending on the type of design chosen, an awning can provide privacy for the interior or exterior structure of your home or business.