Our seasonal services include:  

Awning Take-down:
We will remove the fabric from the frame at the end of the summer/fall season in order to avoid excessive snow which can damage both the fabric and the frame. In general, the frames for the patio and free-standing awnings will stay up year round.

Awning Storage:
Gallagher’s Awnings offers winter storage at an affordable rate. Our storage facility is climate controlled and secure? When storing an awning it should be thoroughly dry, rolled up and stored in a clean, dry area.

Awning Put-up:
Be worry free in the spring–let Gallagher’s Awnings put-up your window and patio awnings for you and ensure that they have been installed correctly for the season.


Facility Management:
We offer seasonal cleaning services to plazas, restaurants and commercial complexes to maintain the integrity and cleanliness of your awnings.

Awning Warranty:
GALLAGHER'S warrants the goods to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a three (3) year period from the date of delivery and at GALLAGHER'S option to repair or replace goods under this warranty. We will not warranty the colours to be fast or non-fadeable or goods to be watertight. We recognize and work with our supplier’s warranties including fabrics, finished mechanical roller / retractable frames and motors.

Repairs & Recovers:
We also offer repairs to damaged awnings and recovers to existing awnings.

If you are interested in a maintenance solution please contact us for more information: CLICK HERE