Do you offer renderings?
Yes. We offer the service of generating a rendering for our business clientele. This includes application of a logo and graphics to the style of awning you are interested, on a photo of the storefront. This helps to visually clarify how the awning will look before installation begins.

What is the benefit of window awnings?
They stop the sun's heat and damaging rays before it hits your window while adding beauty and design to your home. For more information on the benefits of awnings, please view our Awing Benefits page.

Can window awnings retract?
All of our window awnings come with the option to fully retract and can be operated from inside or outside your home.

How large can the awning be?
Our window awnings are custom made to your requirements, up to a 30’ span.


I don’t want to worry about keeping it clean year-round. Do you offer a maintenance service?
Yes. We offer various options for seasonal maintenance, which includes take-down, put-up, cleaning and storage. For more information, visit our Awning Services page..

I’m not sure what awning style is right for my storefront?
Gallagher’s Awnings has been custom designing and manufacturing awnings for over 30 years. Our friendly staff can recommend a style and fabric that is right for your storefront.

I don’t see an awning style that I like, are other options available?
Yes. Gallagher’s Awnings can custom design and manufacture any style to suit your personal aesthetic. We have access to a variety of high quality materials to create your vision.